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It is that time of year when we start looking for new members of the Advisory Committee. Walter Jungbauer is the Chair of the Nominating Committee that meets this month to determine a slate of three candidates who will start their term in 2016. The Advisory Committee is an essential element of the Club and serves to provide feedback and recommendations to Club management. The Committee also determines many of the details regarding Club events and member experiences. Some of the items to be discussed by the committee include:
Men only and Women only tee times for 2016
Event formats for 2016
Golf course hole handicap ratings

Should you have an interest in serving on the committee please contact Walter directly. We strive to have as diverse a group as possible on the nine person committee so that the membership as a whole is well represented. Our Club President for 2016 is Jim Sandidge and he will announce the President-Elect at the Annual Member Town Hall Meeting tentatively scheduled for December 8th.

October – In the past, this was the time of year that the Club slowed down and activity was limited from late fall through the winter. Old habits die hard and my challenge this year is to help all members think differently about how you use the Club over the next five months. The Club won’t close this year and we hope to keep member engagement very high as we transition seasons. For Dining we have a very full calendar of events planned along with three distinctly different dining venues to enjoy. We will stay open for lunch Wednesday through Friday as long as there is enough demand. Our Bar is a perfect place to “hang out” with friends. Athletic activities include the Fitness Center, Fitness Classes (which have started again, schedule on page 6) and the Golf Simulator which will open the first week in November. Dellwood will be a vibrant and active Club throughout the fall and winter.

The tennis courts have been very active this year thanks to our new pro Peg Kelly. The courts will remain open and available for use through the month of October.

Poker nights start again on October 7th. Texas Hold-Em in the Bar starting at 7:00 pm. This will be the only date in October, but beginning in November and continuing through April, Poker Night will be every first and third Wednesday of the month.

The evolution of our Club continues and I think you will be just as happy with everything Dellwood has to offer in the Fall and Winter as we have been since the Clubhouse re-opened.