Letter From the General Manager

“While we’re young!” “The USGA has recently initiated a campaign to address golf’s continuing and growing problem of slow play. Presently, slow play is being viewed by golfers of all abilities as the most significant threat to the growth, enjoyment and popularity of the game of golf. Most serious golfers are bothered by slow play and the excessive time it now takes to play a round of golf. “

The good news for Dellwood members is that our average time per round has decreased this year. The changes we have made to the course are the reason why our pace of play expectation is now 4:10. It is the

responsibility of every golfer to monitor your own pace of play and adjust as needed. Check the clock! Your group should finish the first nine in less than 2:05. When you walk off of the 13th green you should be within 3 hours of your starting time. Are you confident that you maintain the pace of play? Make sure by checking the clock! The following are

expectations of all golfers:

Keep up with the group in front of you.

“Check the clock” and play ready golf if you are falling behind.

Be prepared to hit your shot when it is your turn.

If playing in a group of more than four players you must allow faster groups behind you to play through.

Everyone in your group is responsible for maintaining the proper pace of play.

It is the commitment of Dellwood Country Club to do what we can to ensure each of our members enjoys every experience while at our club. Pace of play has a significant impact on the golf experience – thanks for keeping things moving!

Our new website has launched and hopefully you have checked it out. Going forward we will be funneling all club information and communications through the web site. Visit the web site for all club news, information, golf tips, tennis pointers, grill specials and events.

Wondering how your club is doing? Membership levels continue to grow. We have 447 total memberships with 242 golf memberships. We have added 52 memberships since January 1st – 35 of those are golf. Membership levels have increased every month this year. In regards to operations we are in a similar situation as most area clubs. There have been reports of clubs with as much as $250,000 operating losses year-to-date. We also have an operating loss year-to-date, but are
optimistic about the trends of membership growth and usage of the Club. Fortunately for all of our members there are no assessments to continue the enhancement of our club. We are just getting started!

Speaking of enhancements, our owner has spent $644,000 to-date on capital improvements which include: design fees for the Clubhouse and pool complex remodel, new course maintenance equipment, new irrigation system enhancements, redesign and enhancements of holes 1 and 18, ballroom refresh, new kitchen equipment, sod, trees, new golf carts and many smaller detail items.

We continue to make progress on the building, pool complex and site remodel. Design plans will be finalized July 25th. Approximately two to three weeks later we will have final design documents and drawings of the remodel. We are on track to install cart paths throughout the course this fall as well as replace the sand in all bunkers (using white sand). Over the winter we will also continue adding mounds to certain areas of the course.

— Dennis Countryman