Clubhouse News

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We are nearing the end of this phase of improvements to our Club. In less than a month the construction fence will come down, the pool complex will open, the parking lot will be completed, the Utility building will be open and we will be enjoying all of our new amenities. Our tennis programs are in full swing, we are gearing up to open the pool complex and the golf course is in great shape. There has never been a better time to be a member of Dellwood, or, to join our Club.

Our current membership numbers are relatively unchanged from last month. We have 454 total members: 269 Golf members, 100 Athletic members and 85 Dining members. In the next month I expect we will pick up several additional Golf and Athletic members as the new pool opens. I would guess that many of you are asked about membership details by friends and associates. To assist you in answering membership questions and “selling” our Club you can use the information listed below:

Golf memberships – Initiation is $5,000, dues are unchanged and not expected to increase next year. We have 39 memberships available that will most likely fill within the next year. Why join now? Initiation will increase to $10,000 on January 1, 2015 – all improvements will be completed by April 1, 2015 ($7 million in   improvements to the golf course, pool and clubhouse). Why join Dellwood versus North Oaks or WBYC? The annual cost of   membership (dues and fees) at Dellwood is $5,500 lower than WBYC and $4,400 lower than North Oaks. The Services and Amenities at Dellwood far exceed those at WBYC and North Oaks (Xcel Center, pontoon boat, Pool Complex, car wash, etc, etc).

Athletic memberships – Initiation is $1,250, dues are $175 per month. We will have 50 Athletic memberships available and I expect we could reach our cap this summer. Why join Dellwood? (I know this one is rather obvious!) No other club in the area has a resort-style pool complex to match ours and we will be opening the exercise facility and golf simulator late this year. Athletic members now have year-round facilities to take advantage of along with dining.

If you know anyone who is contemplating joining, or on the fence, let them know that we will soon be full and initiation fees will be increasing next year. Now is the time to join and be a part of the most progressive Club in the area with the most expansive member Services and Amenities.

Lastly – if you haven’t signed your kids up for Swim Team or Junior Tennis and Golf, please call the club and we will get them set up for a summer of fun!

See you at the club, and as always, if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know!

Dennis Countryman