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It’s amazing to think that we are playing golf at Dellwood Country Club prior to Masters Week. Masters week is important because it gets us excited about the season ahead of us. As the grass begins to grow and the flowers begin to bloom here at Dellwood there are a few important reminders about playing:

Please fill all divots with the sand and if you see another one as you walk down the fairway fill that one too.

Fix ball marks on greens. No one likes being on a green filled with ball marks so please do your part.

Rake the bunkers and leave the rakes half in and half out of the bunker (handles out).

Pace of play is important to the enjoyment of golf for all members. Slow play interferes with and adversely impacts the ability of other members to enjoy the Club. All members are expected to keep pace with the group ahead and/or play in four hours (unless playing during “family friendly” times).

–Clayton Johnson