Golf Instruction- October Dialogue

Why do YOU play the game of Golf?

I would like to get you thinking of why you really play the game and more importantly what you enjoy most about playing the game of golf.  What keeps you coming back to this sometimes cruel game?  By digging deep within and realizing what truly is your answer to this question will ultimately help your golf game and free you up to play better golf.  Here’s a few examples of what I mean by WHY do you play:

Social, Being outdoors, Exercise, Beauty of the Landscape, Competition, Low impact, Stress Relief, Business, Winning, Family activity, Easy to Learn but Impossible to Master, Money, Feel of a golf shot, Travel, etc…

Most of you would have more than a few of these reasons why you would play this game so I encourage you to put a percentage to each reason you play to truly understand yourself & why you’re out there.  The whole point of doing this is to help you take some pressure off of each and every shot you take.  Yes, being competitive might be important to you but it isn’t EVERYTHING!

Golf is such a great game because of all the reasons stated above.  It is also a lifetime sport that most anyone can play.  Sometimes we need to look at the big picture and get a sense of perspective of how lucky we are to play this game, and yes it is still just a game.

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses.” – Ben Hogan

For me personally, I like the competition side of the game.  But a close 2nd is the social aspect.  When I am enjoying the camaraderie with my playing partner’s I feel more relaxed and almost always play better golf.  Sometimes to the point where I don’t even know what my score is until I add them up at the end of the round & being pleasantly surprised.   I attribute this to being distracted (in a good way) in between shots and then focus only on the shot at hand when I get to it.

Golf, the same as life is RELATIVE!  All in the eyes of the beholder.

If you are looking to keep your game going this fall & winter, come see me and we can work out a lesson/training package deal to best suit your needs & schedule.


Chris Peterson, PGA

Dellwood Duel Champ!!