Golf Instruction- September

Hey Everyone,

I personally always tell everyone that this is the best time of year to play golf!  Weather is great, kids are back in school, course is awesome (greens will be back from aeration quickly).  Life is good!  Hope to see you all out here this fall enjoying this beautiful resource you have at Dellwood CC.

Quick Tip:

Speaking of the aerated greens.  Until the greens get back to speed try not to change your putting stroke because they are slower.  Take a little longer backstroke and follow through with keeping the same tempo stroke as you always do.  What often happens is you start to just hit the ball harder which causes a quick and abrupt tempo.  You still want to try and put a good roll on the ball so just try and get a feel for a longer stroke with your usual tempo.  Remember to play a little less break too since the ball will be moving a little faster early in the putt.

Also, when we aerate and sand the fairways the key to good shots will be in striking the ball first, before the sandy turf.  The same holds true on hitting a fairway bunker shot.  The key to striking the ball first is not to hit down on the ball but to get the handle of the club moving towards the target and holding that angle down the line.  This will ensure a descending blow and forward shaft lean at impact.

Lessons still available.  Come talk with me also to set up a package deal for the fall and winter months if you’re interested in improving your game for next season.

Go Vikes, Twins, Gophers!

Chris Peterson, PGA

Director of Instruction