Simulator Upgraded / Winter Lessons / Club Fitting

Simulator Upgrade!  Yes!!!!

It’s that time of year whether we like it or not.  I personally have grown to liking or at least not mind putting the outdoor golf season to bed and transitioning indoors for the winter.  With the advancement of technology it has made the winters seem a lot shorter (except for last winter, that was ridiculous!).  This technology I’m talking about is in the golf launch monitors and simulators.  The technology in these machines has gotten so accurate along with the ease of their use that it is giving all of us a new perspective to look at our golf games.

The upgrades to Dellwood’s HD-Golf simulator is basically a completely new one.  New high speed Camera system that will help identify more data for more accuracy.  We also got a whole new computer system to allow for the upgrades in speed and graphics.


No matter what you are looking to do with your golf game over the winter, our simulator can help.  Whether you are just looking to stay loose and hit a few shots, play a few rounds of golf to keep the game fresh, or improve your game with new and improved swing data, it’s all here.  Also a great tool for club fitting.


I will be using this as a great tool for teaching and all members are welcome to sign up for lessons!  I can help my students pick out certain data that best describes their faults and what to look for to improve those numbers.  Sounds complicated but it actually simplifies things.  “From a golf swing perspective, a lesson with a professional who has access to a launch monitor/simulator will allow the golfer to understand their ball flight better and what they can do to control and improve it.”


Although I miss the fresh air and the exercise, I think this is a great alternative in keeping the excitement for the game alive.


*Winter lessons & packages available for all members (simulator or golf dome)

*Gift Certificates available!!! They make great stocking stuffers!


See you out on/in the links,

Chris Peterson, PGA

Director of Instruction