Tip Of The Month

A simple game plan for better golf

Do you really want to improve your game this year, but don’t have oodles of free time? Here’s a plan that will get you on the improvement path quickly and the best part is…it conforms to your schedule.

  1. Schedule time to practice. How much time you can muster is up to you, but keep in mind that this is not “playing golf” time or “socializing at the range” time. This is time that you can commit each week to practice…just you and golf balls.
  2. Divide and conquer. Split your practice time between long game and short game…let’s say 50-50 to start. As you get better, this percentage should skew more to short game but make a habit of dividing your practice time.
  3. Prioritize your practice. All golf shots count the same, however you will improve more quickly if you practice certain shots in lieu of others. For example: driving the ball is     important. Every hole is easier if you can get off the tee decently, so it makes sense to practice driving more than 5 irons. Short irons, wedges, and putting work will improve your score quicker than fairway woods,       hybrids, and middle irons.
  4. Keep track – make practice more fun and interesting by playing games with yourself and keeping track of your progress. Let’s say you hit 20 drivers per practice session. Keeping track of how many acceptable drives you hit out of the twenty gives you a benchmark for future practice. As your numbers get better you gain     confidence.

Be consistent – If you can only practice one hour per week… so be it. Test yourself by keeping your scheduled practice sessions for a few weeks, then check results. You will be amazed at how little you really have to   practice to see positive results. You will want to practice more…which leads to more improvement, and so on.


Handicap Posting Review – Did you know?

The USGA states for handicap purposes, you should post a nine-hole score if you play at least seven holes; or an 18-Hole score if you play at least 13 holes. On the holes you don’t finish, just take par plus any handicap strokes allowed per hole. Then add that to the holes you did finish for your postable score. You can post scores either at the club or online – by going to the members only area on the website and clicking on “Schedule a tee time” (which brings you to Foretees), www.ghin.com, or www.mngolf.org (using your Ghin #.)