Tip of the Month

You know that professional golfers on any major tour have great short games. They are blessed with the time to practice, superior mechanics and “feel” that is second to none; however, they know something that most players do not and that is the secret shot that I describe you below. It’s shots like this that help them get out of trouble and save par most of the time. The secret to the short game is to always have the best go-to shot possible based on the conditions. So experiment with your normal short game shots and institute this specialty shot below and you’ll see your scores come down for sure.

The Toe-Down Pitch Shot

In this age of super-fast greens, it seems like every time you miss the green by 5 to 10 feet you are faced with an almost impossible shot. It is here when the toe-down pitch shot will come out super soft and stop like you have never seen before.

*Set the club down on its toe (the heel is off the ground slightly).
* The club shaft is perpendicular to the ground.
* Use your putting grip with the ball in the middle of your stance.
* Make your normal putting motion, with no wrists, allowing the club to go down and through the ball during impact.
* You can open the blade, close the blade and use it in all lies for different results.

Clayton Johnson
Head Golf Pro