Tip Of The Month

Three reasons your ball goes to the right
Although there may be a few more reasons why your ball goes off line …these are the main ones to check when your shots are going to the right. The same things are true if your ball goes left, by the way, just think of the opposite direction…most people are battling the rights though, so I’m skewing the information towards them.

Aim – this one is easy. You are aimed to the right of the target . As you make a good swing your ball travels to where you are aimed. The best way to check your aim is by putting a club-shaft down on your foot line, then look from behind down the target line or have a buddy take a look.

Your swing is to the right. This one is similar to number one though you may be aimed correctly or even a bit left of target. Your swing is to a target to the right of where you are aimed. This is your problem if your other miss is typically a hook. You will have little divot and tend to hit behind the ball or your divot will point to the right of your target.

Your clubface is aiming to the right or open at impact. Impact data says that clubface direction has the greatest effect on where your ball goes especially with lesser lofted clubs (like driver). You may actually be swinging or aimed to the left but if your clubface is open at impact you will see a fade turn to a slice, and your divots are deeper and pointing left.

Good ole #3 is the problem for slicers while # 2 is the problem for pushers and hookers. And #1 is what we all wish was our problem…but it can apply to both. By figuring out the reason the ball flies to the right, you are that much closer to straighter shots…and happier golf.