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Please note the changes to the Adult Drill Schedule. We are adding a Cardio Drill Monday and Wednesday 8AM-9AM, starting July 11th. Schedules of Drills, Junior programs, etc. will be available at the new tennis house very soon. There is also a bulletin board of information on the south side of the building.

Tennis 101 will begin 3 week sessions on Tuesday, July 12th, 6PM-7PM, and Thursday July 14th, 11AM-12PM.

Junior Tennis:
Still room to sign up the kids for July and August sessions, each of them are 4 week sessions. Also take notice of our brand new 2-3 year old class (never too early to get started) on Tuesday and Thursday 9:45AM-10:15AM.

Lastly, as many of you may know, I had Rotator Cuff surgery on June 29th. As you read this hopefully my speedy recovery has begun. I will be back on the courts running Drills, Classes, Lessons, etc. with the help of an incredible staff, pending my recovery, July 11th.
No adult drills or Junior classes July 1st-July 10th.

See you on the courts!

–Peg Kelly