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Well tennis fans it wont be long until we hear the pitter patter of tennis balls bouncing happily outside again! I will be arriving by the 7th of April, and cannot wait to get the season started. As soon as weather is conducive, I will be available for drills, lessons, etc. I will have an Adult drill schedule ready by May 1st, I am still interested in feedback from both past participants, and anyone new to the club, or new to tennis on what days might work best, and I will try to accommodate as best as I can.

Junior Tennis drills have been posted, and if there is a need for any age group to add another class due to space filling up I will be adding those as needed. I know there has been some concern about class sizes, and I have made changes to alleviate that issue, rest assured your child will get lots of hitting in, along with solid instruction.

Happy April, and I look forward to seeing you back at the club very soon!!