Letter from Our Tennis Pro

Hello Members,

Well, there are a lot of big changes happening at Dellwood and that includes the tennis courts as well. We are going to have the courts refreshed and the tennis shack will be moved. New wind screens are on the way along with a bounce-back wall and ball machine. We hope that Mother Nature will cooperate and allow the work to be smooth and easy.
I am excited to be back for my 5th summer and also excited to say Aaron and Natalie will be back for the summer. I know that we have many new members and I am sure you will be as pleased as our current members with them.
There are some minor changes to our Court Access and Junior schedules for the summer, so please look at that. Speaking of Juniors, Junior sign up day is on April 27th from 11AM-1PM in the grill.

Here is our event schedule for the summer:
Junior Tennis
Sunday April 27th  Junior Sign Up
Monday June 9th Junior tennis begins

Adult Tennis
May 14 – 15  Women’s Camp
May 29th  Tennis Welcome Back night Mixer
June 26th  Margarita Mixer
July 24th  Dellwood Dog Day’s and Daiquiri’s
August 13th – 14th Women’s Camp
August 29th End of Season Mixer
First or second week of September is the Gopher Women’s night

I look forward to seeing you all after this long winter.

Justen Seim