May Dialogue

Greetings everyone , as Dennis said in his email last week the courts are open for play. However there some guidelines set be the USTA which highly encourages clubs to follow , and in communications that I have had with other clubs all feel it is imperative to abide by these.

No more than 2 people on a court, singles only, never 2 people on same side of net
-Only using courts 1 and 3 if multiple people there at one time
-Never ever touch a tennis ball from another court , if need be use racquet to push back to them
-Bring your own tennis balls , the tennis shed and tennis house will be closed until further notice

I realize this is somewhat limiting, but everyone’s safety is 1st priority, with all that said I am looking to start private lessons between May 9th and the 12th, please feel free to email mail me or text if you would like to get something on the calendar. Also as far as summer program, drills etc. , talking with other clubs we are in a bit of a holding pattern. I know there will be some changes and I hope to have an update by mid/end of May once we have a better idea of where we stand .

I realize this will be a different season of tennis , but I am feeling optimistic that we will still be able to have some type of programs, lessons , and drills to offer all those who are interested a wonderful outlet. Look forward to seeing you on the courts , and everywhere else around the club very, very soon!! Be safe , Be well , and to coin a tennis term “LOVE TO ALL”