Tennis News

Well we made it through another summer season down on the tennis courts.  There have been many changes at Dellwood since last fall and I’m sure there will be some more in the near future.  I am really excited about the future of tennis at Dellwood and I hope that you are also.

Before we go on any further I need to compliment my assistants that we had this summer.  Aaron, Natalie and Olivia did a fantastic job. As time goes by we have to make some changes from time to time for any given reason and having the three of them come in and work made the transition easy and in some ways improved our tennis program immensely.

As far as the participation goes down on the courts we saw a huge increase in play and activity on the courts.  Our junior numbers were consistent and had steady numbers all summer and the same can be said for the adult programs.  One area we are trying to grow is the Men’s Tennis but I think that will happen with a couple of the changes that will be happening down on the courts.

Here is September’s Tennis Tip:

I am going to give you a couple pointer on doubles.  This is the most popular way that many of our members play tennis  because it’s more social and can be easier on the body.

#1 – Improve your split-step:  The split step is a basic move and one of the most important.  The pros make it look easy and the club players can really struggle with it.  If we break it down the split step is a short hop that will allow you to change direction and get you up on your toes moving forward to the next shot.

#2 – Play the net:  Many of you like to play doubles in the one up and one back style of play.  We feel more comfortable in that position given the fact that the “back” person can cover the lobs.  However if we can control the net with our volleys, it’s easier to win the point from closer in than it is from the baseline.

#3 – Follow the ball and move together:  Once you get to the net there can be some gaps for your opponents to pass you.  We need to make sure that you move simultaneously in the direction of the ball.  If you hit a ball towards the alley on the deuce side you should both move that way.  A bonus tip to this is to have the cross-court player cover the middle.

Thanks again for a great summer at Dellwood Country Club and I look forward to my fifth summer here in 2014!!!

Events in September:  University of Minnesota Women’s Tennis team will be coming to Dellwood on September 4th at 6pm. Come out and play doubles with the Gopher Women.  We will also have dinner afterwards up in the Grill.

Please let Justen know if you would like to play.  Numbers are limited to 9 so sign up early.