August Recap

As I write this article, the weather is beautiful and in the 70’s, the State Fair has begun and our greens have been punched and sanded. The month of August started out with a bang. The women of Dellwood had their best ever participated Solheim Cup with 32 women playing. Justine Hawkinson and myself were captains and picked our teams the Tuesday night before the festivities began. The teams were so evenly divided that many of the matches went 8-9 holes.  We even had 4 women play all 27 holes in their matches. However, they did not complain as they were very excited to have such a great time. The first match of Best Ball, the Blue team was on top. The second round of the Scramble format, the Red team charged ahead. In the final round of Alternate Shot, the Blue team was making up some ground during the first few matches but when the 3 remaining matches came in, the Red team came out on top. We also had our 18 hole Guest Day in August. Paula Chesley and Roxy Nelson did a great job putting together a fun filled Vegas Theme. The team of Maggie Batton, Denise Cosgrove, Kate Booth and Patty Babineau won with a score of -20 in our 2-Best Ball format.

The month of September will wind down most of our Ladies events. The Derby will be on September 13th. Look to see who qualified in the pro shop. Also, there will be 2 remaining shotgun events on Tuesday nights. September 17th will be the Ribbon Tourney and October 1st will be a Scramble Format with every hole having a different way to play a scramble. Hopefully our weather will stay nice as our season winds down. Considering how our Spring started out, we deserve a long warm Fall season so we can play late into November.

-Barb Miller