May Dialogue

Now that we are finally open, our Ladies Days on Tuesday morning for the 18 holers and Thursday nights for the 9 holers will start. We will not be having any shotgun starts for quite a while. Just sign up on ForeTees in the pink blocked tee times, either with friends or join a group and meet new friends. I have a list of all the games for both days. Our 9 Hole Guest Day has been rescheduled to July 30th. We are not sure yet how it will play out, shotgun or tee times. We will keep you posted. Also, all of our Traveling Leagues have either been cancelled or postponed to a later date. Have fun this year and I hope to see you on the course!


Some women have been asking for information about the new World Handicap System.  The Golf Pros highly recommend downloading the GHIN App on a phone in order to post scores.  This app now allows you to post hole by hole scores instead of just your total score.  If you post hole by hole scores, the computer will automatically make any necessary corrections so you do not have to worry about it.  If you need your login information for the GHIN App, contact one of the Golf Pros.  Additionally, if you are seeking more clarity about the handicap system in general, Dan has put together a World Handicap System FAQ.  Please email him at and he will send it to you if you wish.