WGG News

The mission of the Women’s Golf Group (WGG) is: “To promote interest in and to     encourage a high level of golf participation among the women members, by organizing tournaments and special events for the enjoyment of women of all ages at Dellwood Country Club.”

This year there has been a lot of discussion within the WGG as to how we can best  uphold our mission and encourage our women golfers at Dellwood. A survey was sent and the WGG met October 29th to discuss the results of the survey and how we should proceed in 2017.

It was decided that for the next year we will suspend the current by-laws of the WGG and dispense with the dues. The weekly play, tournaments and events will all be pay-as-you-play and will be coordinated through our pro-shop.

We do have a committee representing the WGG.  This group will serve as our liaisons representing our interest with the club and pro-shop. The committee consists of: Kate Elfstrom, Sue Ryan, Justine Hawkinson, Amy Severson, and Nansee Greely. Thank you, ladies for your    commitment!

Next Fall we will send another survey to gather feedback on the new structure and the overall experience of our Dellwood women golfers. When those results have been evaluated, we will meet to discuss how to move forward in 2018.

Reminder! We have a women’s golf league on the simulator beginning in December. You can register now on ForeTees. It will be fun to get together and continue swinging during the winter months!

Connie Bossard