Women’s 2018 Golf Committee

In November, the Women at DCC overwhelmingly voted in favor of a Women’s Golf Committee replacing the Women’s Golf Group.  If you are interested in serving on the Women’s Golf Committee, or would like to nominate someone, please submit your name or the name or your nominee to Amey Severson and Sue Ryan. It is a one year commitment beginning January 1, 2018.

The structure of the Women’s Golf Committee is yet to be totally defined but we know 1) the chairperson of the Committee will be elected by the women members at DCC and will be a member of the DCC Advisory Committee 2) the Women’s Golf Committee is the liaison between DCC management and the Pro Shop, and 3) the Pro Shop will continue to run all women’s events.

As the women’s 2018 golf calendar needs to be finalized before the Committee is in place, the Interim Women’s Committee (Nansee Greeley, Justine Hawkinson, Amey Severson, and Sue Ryan) will be finalizing the 2018 calendar.  If you are aware of dates that are already set, i.e. other Clubs guest days, City League, Traveling Team, Tri Club, and the Challenge, please relay the dates to the Interim Women’s Golf Committee as soon as possible. We will not be changing the calendar once it is set. If you would like to be involved in setting the calendar, please contact Amey or Sue.