Women’s Derby

Our first Women’s 18 hole mini-guest is scheduled for Thursday, June 8th. It is a 9:00am shot gun start. The cost of the event is $60 per person, and the format is Proximity Markers. Each member may bring up to three guests to play, lunch and awards will follow the round. You can sign up on Foretees under the Events tab.



 This year all women are eligible to qualify for the Women’s Derby (previously only women who participated in the WGG were eligible). The Derby is a unique and super fun event in which the 15 women with the lowest net scores in women’s events qualify.

All women golf members are automatically entered and can qualify to play in the Derby by having a minimum of four rounds played in Tuesday evening or Thursday morning events. Your lowest four scores in those events will be averaged and the 15 women with the lowest average net score qualify.  The fee for being eligible to qualify is $10 and that fee was billed on your April statement. The Derby will be played on September 23rd at 10:00am. If you have additional questions about how to qualify, please talk to one of the Pros.

For those in the top 15 who qualify to play on September 23rd the event works like this: The group plays 9 holes and players are eliminated on each hole. The winner is the person who does not get eliminated after 9 holes. All 15 women play the first hole at the same time (yes, it takes a while to finish the first hole!). The highest net scores will be eliminated and the remainder of the group goes to the second hole. The highest scores are eliminated on each hole until there are only two players playing the final hole. The player with the lowest net score on the 9th hole wins the Derby!

The past Derby Champion is automatically qualified to play this year (Kathy Poechmann).  Events include entry into Weekly play, Match Play, Women’s Tournaments and Saturday Shop Games. A player may qualify to play when playing with one other golf member. Please make sure to turn in your scorecard from qualifying rounds (especially Saturday to the Golf Shop and they will determine your Net score). Results will be posted periodically in the Women’s Locker Room.


To receive email updates of upcoming women’s events please email Kaidra@dellwoodcountryclub.com to add your name to the list!